Vocabulary related to people around you – TAMS Studies English Language Academy

acquaintance (noun): someone you know casually (eg: a friend of a friend)
address (verb): to name someone in a specific way (when speaking or writing)
awkward (adj.): feeling uncomfortable
colleagues (noun): people you work with
customer service (noun): help for shoppers, buyers, members
divorced (adj.): not married anymore
executive (noun): manager or high level employee in a company or business
first name terms (BrE) / first name basis: having a close enough relationship to disregard formalities such as age or status
formal (adj.): showing respect for rules, forms and traditions
formality (noun): something that has no real purpose other than being a tradition
generic (adj.): describing many; not specific
maiden name (noun): a married woman’s surname at birth
nickname (noun): a short or cute name used by friends or relatives
pet name (noun): a name used by close friends and family to show their love
respondent (noun): the person who writes back or responds
sarcastic (adj.): ironic; typically having an opposite meaning, often to show contempt or to prove a point
terms of endearment (noun): words or names that show feelings of care for someone
trickier (adj.): more difficult to understand or do
widow (noun): a single woman whose husband has died