Spoken English Live Class 10 Aug 2023

Spoken English Live Class 10 Aug 2023

Spoken English Live Class 10 Aug 2023 Guruji English CLasses Aligarh


Let – Do not stop, Give Permission

Let us get 

Get – Prapt Karna, achieve, possess, 

Started – 2nd Form always comes alone, 3rd Form ho gayi

2nd Form and 3rd Form both mean work is complete. 

Let’s get started. – Hum prapt karne do shuru kee huyi avastha,

Hume Shuru Karne Do, Chaliye Shurut Karte Hain, 

Let’s get going – chaliye continue karte hain, matlab jo bhi hum kar rahe hain, usko karte rehte hain, 

Let’s get it done.
Let’s get it repaired.
Let’s get the Room cleaned

Get – prapt karna

Formula – Get + any name + Actioned Phrase(Detail and it is optional).

Get it repaired. 
Get The room cleaned
Get Anil called. 
Get the bag prepared. 
Get your car serviced.
Get your homework done. Complete Your Home Work.
Get your hair cut. 
Get your questions answered.
Get your passport renewed.
Get the computer repaired.
Get the clothes cleaned.
Get the laundry done. 
Get your proposal reviewed.
Get The project started.
Get your teeth checked.
Get a Full Body Test done.

I am getting – Me prapt kar raha hun… kaam process me hai..

I am getting a job offer. 
I am getting better at speaking English.
I am getting ready for office
I am getting ready for bed
I am getting ready for the party 
I am getting tired.
I am getting married. 
I am getting good at riding horses.
I am getting a new car.

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