Pronoun Exercises

Put in the relative whowhich or whose where necessary. Type an x if the relative pronoun can be left out.

  1. This is the boy  had an accident.
  2. Yesterday I saw a car  was really old.
  3. Mandy is the girl  I met on Friday.
  4. I haven’t seen Frank,  brother is five, for a long time now.
  5. The robber stole the car  the lady parked in front of the supermarket.
  6. This is the man  house is on fire.
  7. Can I talk to the girl  is sitting on the bench?


  1. The teacher always gives the students homework.
  2. I am reading the book to my little sister.
  3. The boys are riding their bikes.
  4. My father is writing a letter to John.
  5. I don’t know the answer.
  6. Sally is going to Anne.
  7. Open the window, please.
  8. Can you tell the people the way to the airport, please?
  9. The books are for Peter.
  10. Can you help my sister and me, please?


Choose this, that, these or those from the dropdown menu.

Do you need help?

  1. Look at  newspaper here.
  2.  are my grandparents, and  people over there are my friend’s grandparents.
  3.  building over there is the Chrysler Building.
  4.  is my mobile phone and  is your mobile phone on the shelf over there.
  5.  photos here are much better than  photos on the book.
  6.  was a great evening.
  7. Are  your pencils here?
  8.  bottle over there is empty.
  9.  bricks over there are for your chimney.
  10. John, take  folder and put it on the desk over there.