How to introduce Yourself in Interview? What Did I say in my Interview?

How to introduce yourself in the interview?

How to introduce Yourself Interview Tips Skills Answer Example Real Life Scenerios

It is a very easy and simple method.

Let’s See

Good Morning / Evening, My name is Sunil Chaudhary.

I belong to Aligarh. Aligarh is known for Lock and hardware Industry. Also, for Aligarh Muslim university.

In my family, I have my mother, my wife, and my daughter.

In terms of education, I am BA in English, MA in English, and MBA in Information Systems.

I love to learn new skills. That is why I have a great command over Office tools like MS Office and Google Sheets and Docs. Apart from these tools, I know a great deal about SEO and Digital Marketing.

Let me share my experience. I have worked with great companies like OMNIA BPO and Aegis BPO where I worked in their outbound processes where used to sell Insurance and financial products. I learnt sales and communication skills there. Also, my confidence got new heights.

After that, I got selected for IBM Daksh in 2007 due to my good command of the English Language. I was selected for Email Customer Service where I could take my language skills and customer service skills to the next level. I could also fine-tune my team and management skills as got the opportunity to assist my team members and also train new joiners.

In 2009, after the time of recession, I got a job at Hewitt Associates Noida and Mercer India in Gurgaon. I chose Mercer India in Gurgaon as I was residing nearby. Here I could enhance my Data Skills such as SQL, Office, Excel, Data Manipulation, Data Mapping, Data Deconversion and Creating SOPs. Here I could learn a lot more technical things and got a promotion every year due to my good work and quick learning abilities.

In 2012, I got selected by Fidelity Investments for the same process I was working with Mercer India.

In my working tenure so far, I have been appreciated for my team skills and management skills while it is proven that I can learn and implement new skills and processes very quickly with great efficiency.

I am looking forward to using my all experience and proving to be a great asset to your company in my new role.

I am passionate to make a difference as I am always able to think out of the box and try to make things easy and automated.

That is all for now. I would love to answer if you have more questions about me and my job experience.