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You need to have an impact on your learning daily, or, as I can say, multiple times a day.

The most difficult part of our lives and our careers seems to be the English language.

So many people are scared of English.

I teach English. English is not my mother tongue.

It is still very strange to me.

So all of you need to think like I did to improve.

If I can improve, why can’t you?

Is my English okay?

Do you want to speak English like mine?

It can easily be like mine.

It is not difficult; I am also just like you. who learned English with a lot of difficulties

The school doesn’t matter.

Hindi medium; any other medium doesn’t matter; attending a convent school doesn’t matter.

What matters is motivation.

Do you have the motivation?

Let me tell you that the biggest motivation is the reason why you need to learn and master the required parts of the English language.

If you find your reason and your purpose, you will have super motivation all the time.

Ask yourself: Do you want to learn English?

Don’t tell me; ask yourself.

Do you want to learn English?

Today, the difference between success and failure is the same for millions of people around the world.

Till 2000, English was considered important and a great factor in success.

Now, it is a basic requirement, which means you have to have it like you have a smartphone, bike, or ATM card, and you need to have sound knowledge of the English language.

Knowledge of the English language is a must for making progress and achieving more.

You have great knowledge and a great set of skills. You can impact the world by learning the English language so that you can connect with people on a global level.

The entire world is yours if you know English. English is a global language, and you become a global citizen by learning it. 

Knowledge of the English language is your passport to reaching places and making greater success in life.

In the absence of the English language, you will be able to impact a few people who can interact with the people in their vernacular.

You must have written an English exam in every class in your school. Still, you call yourself a Hindi medium, a Tamil medium, an Urdu medium, etc.

If somebody asks you something in English, you need to respond in English starting today.

Speak a few sentences in the English language daily.

When you express your thoughts in English, you are impacting the whole world.

Our mother tongue is the most important.

However, in our professional lives, we need the English language.
Outside of your personal life, please speak English and feel free to make mistakes.

You can speak English once you practice, so begin practising today.
Don’t worry, speak the wrong English, please try to speak English,
Your desire to improve is the most important thing.

Now I will tell you how to improve.

We understand the importance of the English language.

You can improve your English each day by doing a few things.

Please remember that you need to practice daily.

You must do it every day.

The first is listening to English.

Now, while listening, don’t translate into your mother tongue.

understand the English language as it is

Understanding the meaning of English words or sentences is not important.

You need to understand the language itself.

Once you can understand the English language, that would be a great experience for you.

So listen to the same scene again and again.

Keep listening until it becomes part of your memory.

Your brain is more powerful than a supercomputer.

This is your free computer.

You have unlimited GB of space in your brain.

You can create so many files for the English language.

Listen to English every day and store it in your mind.

Listen on your smartphone, listen to podcasts, and watch English series.

Listen to good-quality English

Learn the rhythm of the English language.

It is called learning by imitation.

You know that recently I learned Turkish by watching more than 300 episodes of a Turkish series called “Dirilis Ertugrul.”

So, you need to imitate good English daily.

Remember two points about listening.

Listen to correct English.

Listen to the same scene again and again.

Listen to Swami Vivekananda’s speech daily, listen to the strangest secret daily, and listen to the best speeches in the world daily.

Listen to these so many times that your mind registers every word and every tone of the speech.

If you can do this with some songs, you can do it with English as well.

And the funny part is, I have heard so many people listening to and enjoying the Venga Boys’ music album since the 2000s; they enjoyed the music and songs, but still they are not able to speak. 


 Because the intention was to enjoy, not to learn.

Now, while listening with your intention and thought process, which is to learn and understand, you have a goal; now you have a purpose.
understand that when you have fixed goals, you achieve them.

Make the English language part of your memory.

listen repeatedly

Now your source of English has been developed.

To speak good English, you need to have words in your brain, so by listening to English more and more, you are feeding your mind with more and more words.

When you listen to English, your knowledge of the language improves.

So in the morning, as soon as you get up, please listen to English.

Your puja and worship are learning English. learn efficiently 
to make your life successful.

Start doing it today.

dedicate one hour to a greater future. which means you need to dedicate 60 minutes daily to English.

Listening is the foundation for greater English; it is the first foundation.

Reading is the second one. 

Read loudly. When you read loudly, you also listen to your reading. 

Your whole body starts learning English.

Read everything in English.

do the same thing with reading.

Read repeatedly 

Read great books, Read Swami Vivekananda, Read your religious books in English, Read easy books in English, Read moral stories in English,

Read them repeatedly and loudly.

If you don’t practice listening and reading English on any day, please don’t sleep that day, don’t eat that day, and complete your English language practice.

you understand English

If you don’t understand English, you can go through my basic English course.

This message is for people who understand English but don’t speak it.

You need to improve by practising your English for the next 6 months.

Do you have this much motivation that you can do it daily for the next 6 months?

If you have, you can master the English language.

Unless you practice, you don’t get the ability to speak.

Language comes with experience.

You are not able to experience the language.

The reason is that you lack confidence in English.

Self-confidence comes from self-worth.

I have self-worth because I can learn and am capable.

Learning the English language means speaking and writing.

You can write in English, right?

You can write English in your mother tongue, which can help you pronounce the language better.

You need to self-learn.

Self-learning means practice.

If you don’t have anybody to talk to, you need to talk to yourself.

Talk to yourself in English only.

Do you want to master the interview?

Practice interviews regularly, and you will be able to crack
I did interview practice in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, and so many other times to crack interviews. And, yes, I could crack.

So you can plan on having a great command of the English language for listening, speaking, writing, and reading everything.

Most of the jobs around us do not require us to be efficient in the English language 

but to get all these jobs, most of the interviews are in the English language. 

So there is a barrier you need to break.

Not only this, but to get a promotion, most organizations check your English communication ability.

So, for all these purposes, you need to have a good command of the English language.

Record yourself and listen to yourself.

Do it regularly, and you will become super confident within 6 months.

If you want to have a great career, practice English daily, loudly, and clearly.

Read every day loudly so that you can hear.

You must listen, read, and speak daily for the next 6 months.
make mistakes keep making mistakes.

After six months, you have great command over the English language.

You need to have this mindset, starting today.

So many things you cannot do in your life not because of your knowledge but because of the lack of the English language.

Always speak English, think in English, and read English.

If you want to have command over the English language, use English as much as you can.

The most natural way of learning English is the same as how you learned your mother tongue.

practice with people If you have any, or if you don’t have any, practice with yourself and with your phone.

Using your phone is very powerful.

You must be wondering why I am repeating the same thing again and again.

You know the mantra.

Mantras’ impact comes from chanting.

Chanting is speaking the same mantra again and again.

Your mantra is in English; do it again and again and chant it again and again.

Now you can write one page a day,

Write one page daily and see the improvement in just six months.

Write about what is happening in your life.

Write what you think.

Write what you want.

Write whatever you want to write, but write.

You can write a fighting scene.

I guarantee that you will be excellent at English.

Without practice, it cannot happen.

There is no tablet on the market.

There is only one pill, which is hard work and consistency.

the only solution for success is to practice

Practice makes a man perfect.

How to check the correctness of your English

By reading grammar books, dictionaries, and pronunciation books, you do not improve your English.

Let me give you one example: there was a person who read almost 20 books on swimming, and then that person went to the swimming pool; he could not swim.


because he was just reading and not doing any practice.

Nobody asks you about grammar and pronunciation anywhere in the world.

But when people talk to you, you need to use proper grammar and proper vocabulary.

So, when you listen or read, you need to notice the sentence structures and words. and do not worry; it happens naturally.

There are a few small mistakes you can make while speaking.

Do not worry; for this, you can take a small course where the mentor will cover all these required topics for you.

Before joining any course, you need to do all the reading, listening, and speaking parts, which I have already discussed.

Today, you have the whole world in front of you if you know the English language.

If you don’t know simple things, you cannot improve.

You need to observe and understand to keep improving.

Please improve your vocabulary by noticing new words and always understanding their meaning and explanations. You can simply do this in Google Translate or any other similar tool.

If you have a strong command of the English language, you will reap many rewards. not only buy one, get one free,” but many and greater rewards.

I have a gift for you. You can join our English-speaking course at a high discount as we are on a mission.

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Jai Hind!  
Vande Mataram!


Sunil Chaudhary
Leading Digital Success Coach 

Sunil Chaudhary Aligarh India New York - Leading Digital Success Coach